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No Deposit, No Establishment Fees

Whether you are looking to switch from your current finance agreement or starting with us, we are flexible. You choose the equipment, You select the payment terms. Our solutions are simple.

We also assist you in sourcing the most competitive equipment through our accredited retail partner networks.

100% Finance on amounts up to $500,000.00

Whether the equipment you want costs a little, or a lot, we can finance the complete amount, thereby freeing up your working capital to use where it’s most needed.

Easy application, Fast approval

We offer a fast and easy application process with an instant response.


No monthly or hidden fees

No monthly or hidden fees. We’re in the business of providing funds, not taking them. We’ve never charged monthly or hidden fees and never will.

Payments reduce each year 

As part of our commitment to your success, receive a 5% discount every year for the term of your lease.

Major tax advantages 

You’ll need to check with your accountant, but lease payments are 100% fully tax deductible in most cases.

Own your equipment for $1

At the end of your term, you’ll have the option to purchase your equipment outright for just $1. You’ll also have the flexibility to purchase individual pieces of equipment, or the whole package, at each 12 month anniversary.


No deposit. No bond

No need to save. No need to wait. No need to eat into your working capital. Axsesstoday can fund 100% of the purchase price on the equipment you need.

Name your own terms 

Axsesstoday funding solutions are tailored to best suit your needs, not ours. Choose from a minimum term of 12 months and to a maximum of five years.

Preserve your working capital

It’s a win-win for your business: you get the equipment you need while keeping your working capital free to keep on powering your business.


Streamlined application

In every business, time is money. Our application is simple, fast, and will take just a few short moments to complete.

Minimal documentation

We hate unnecessary paperwork just as much as you. To apply, you’ll need just two forms of ID: your Medicare card and current driver’s license.

Approval within minutes or sooner

Apply now and we’ll provide an immediate response.

Purchase immediately

 There’s no delay with our funding solutions. We settle immediately so you can access your equipment straight away.