Small – MMPC1

  • Price $6.50
  • Sleeve: 100
  • Product size: 85 x 60mm

Medium – MMPC2

  • Price $5.00
  • Sleeve: 50
  • Product size: 125 x 85mm

Large – MMPC3

  • Price $6.35
  • Sleeve: 50
  • Product size: 180 x 130mm

Extra Large – MMPC11

  • Price $10.35
  • Sleeve: 50
  • Product size: 240 x 170mm

Price excludes GST and Delivery

These pine cones, boats and cups are perfect to serve appetisers, seafood, bite size entrees or desserts. Add an original and eco friendly touch to your culinary creation!
In addition to its elegant and clean look, this renewable wood products are also biodegradable and compostable.
Made from natural renewable resources. Delicate yet robust, water and heat resistant. Food Safe
Environmentally friendly: compostable and biodegradable, recyclable, comes from sustainable natural origins.



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