AG Commercial Pass Through Dishwasher – EASY90


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ModelEasy 90
Capacityup to 360-540 plates/hr
Power             3 Phase9800W, 400V, 50Hz, 24.5A
Width (mm)635
Depth (mm)735
Height (mm)1460
Weight (Kg)  90
Made InItaly

Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour 

AG Commercial Pass-Through Dishwasher – EASY90

  • The structure, body and washing system of the hood-type pass-through dishwasher of the EASY series are all made of stainless steel. The pressed tank with a double wall and a capacity of just 20 litres are equipped with an electric pump for automatic emptying
  • All the inner details of the tank, the washing and rinsing fans, the tank filters and the basket-holder frame are fully dismountable, thus allowing you to clean the tank faster and with greater ease.
  • Their operation is fully automatically controlled with the aid of electromechanical buttons.
  • There are dual washing cycles of 75 and 180 seconds, and a micro-switch stops the dishwasher from operating if the door is accidentally opened.
  • The tank and incorporated boiler made of stainless steel AISI 304L are heated by sheathed heating elements with thermostatic protection. A hydraulic dispenser pump to supply the sparkling aid is assembled standard.
  • The EASY series hood-type pass-through dishwasher can be used with linear or angular washing systems combined with loading, prewashing and unloading plates. The EASY 90 is built in full compliance with EC standards.
  • Potential for up to 360-540 plates per hour
  • 3 Phase Power – Plug and cable NOT Included
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Includes rinse aid and detergent dispenser pumps
  • 1 x flat rack + 1 x plate peg rack + 2 x cutlery baskets
  • Ultra Durable, high-quality washing arms
  • Easy to operate, easy to clean
  • Safe and ergonomic design
  • Rinse cycle temperature 85°C / Wash cycle temperature 60°C

AG Commercial Pass-Through Dishwasher – EASY90

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