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Cookrite Square Glass 2 Module Hot Food Display 725mm – CRB-4


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Square Glass Hot Food Display – CRB-4

Brand: Cookrite
Model: CRB-4
Capacity: 4 x 1/2 Pans
Power: 2300W
Dimension: 725w x 650d x 750mmh
Weight Kg: 58
Place of Origin: China
Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour + Extra 2 Years Parts when registered online

A bain marie is the go-to choice for professional caterers looking to keep large amounts of pre-cooked food warm and appetising for longer periods. Designed to provide a reliable and consistent heat, a commercial bain marie will gently warm food to keep it at a precise temperature.

Should you choose wet or dry heat for your bain marie? Wet heat is a more gentle option that reduces the risk of food burning or sticking to the pan, and the steam moisture prevents contents from drying out. Alternatively, a bain marie using dry heat is more efficient and warms up faster – perfect for mobile caterers.

  • Hot Food Display
  • Square Glass
  • Digital thermostat
  • Sliding door
  • Available in Dry and Wet models
  • Flexible Italian brand silicon heater for wet option
  • 304 stainless steel heater element for dry option
  • Cookrite Square Glass 2 Module Hot Food Display 725mm – CRB-4

Best Suited to: Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, Pubs, Bars, Quick Service Restaurants, Convenience Store, Petrol Station, Supermarkets, Food Production, Accommodation, Schools, Bakery, Pastry


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