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Fimar Pasta Machine – PF1.5E

Brand: Fimar
Model: PF1.5E
Capacity: Hopper capacity 1.5Kg
Power: Single phase, 0.33hp, 250watt, 10Amp, 220 – 240V, 50Hz
Dimension: 253w x 473d x 316mmh
Weight Kg: 16
Place of Origin: Italy
Warranty: 12 Months Parts and Labour

This is an automatic pasta machine to mix and mould any type of flour or egg pasta in different shapes, for the production of pasta: just insert the ingredients and in a few minutes the pasta is ready in the types and sizes you want.
The machine guarantees maximum hygiene for the parts in contact with the dough are easily removable for cleaning, all parts are made in stainless steel. Metal construction, with movements on ball bearings and lifetime lubrication, virtually maintenance-free. Dyes are not included in the machine price, dyes sold separately.

  • Hopper capacity: 1.5Kg
  • Hourly production: 2.5-5Kg
  • Output nozzle: Ø 50mm
  • Dyes not included
  • Ideal for restaurants and domestic use
  • Produces fresh pasta in minutes
  • Structure lined with scratch proof paint
  • Stainless steel hopper and kneader
  • Brass/bronze alloy blade and dyes
  • Microswitch fitted to hopper lid
  • No electric cutter available
  • Fimar Pasta Machine – PF1.5E

Advise dyes required to received a discount

Dye Size Price
Caserecce 9 x 5mm $147.00
Fusili Ø 9mm $147.00
Pappardelle 16mm $147.00
Gnocchi Ø 12mm $147.00
Bucatini Ø 4mm $147.00
Bigoli Ø 3mm $147.00
Angel Hair Ø 1mm $147.00
Spaghetti Ø 2mm $147.00
Square Spaghetti 2 x 2mm $147.00
Tagliolini 3mm $147.00
Linguine 3 x 1.6 3mm $147.00
Linguine 4 x 1.6 4mm $147.00
Fettuccine 8mm $147.00
Lasagna 155mm $168.00
Cannelloni Ø 25mm $168.00
Gramigna Ø 3.5mm $168.00
Pappardelle Jagged Edge 16mm $168.00
Star 5mm $147.00
Rice 7mm $147.00
Maccheroni Ø 4.8mm $147.00
Maccheroni Ø 8.5mm $168.00
Maccheroni Ø 15mm $168.00
Canestrini Ø 16mm $147.00


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